5 Reasons why Nana is the most realistic Shoujo Anime ever

“Nana do you remember when we met?” this might sound like the most cliched line any character could ever say.

But Nana puts such a deep emotion behind those words in a short amount of time. So much so that its fans still wait for it to be continued.

Made in the 2000s Nana slowly and steadily became a fan favorite of shoujo anime watchers. But why just veteran anime weebs?

Nana stands out not just from other generic shows but in its genre too.

With its absolute characters with perfection, one can hardly find something with such depth in today’s shoujo world.

Although one can always argue the fact remains that Nana is an example for every other writer/mangaka. Let’s see how?

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1. Perfect Characters

You know the shows you come across where the actors are so good at their job that you forget it’s a show? Nana (anime) does that. Brilliantly.

Watching it makes you forget that it’s a hand-drawn anime show that you are so invested in! And with the right pinch of drama.

From Nana Komatsu to Layla one can’t help but pick a favorite. With real-life background stories and actions that normal people take without any drastic shift, the characters are fresh through the series.

On a personal note, Layla seemed like a balanced character with her role only as much as it was needed. Which makes her one of my favorites. Which one would you prefer between Layla and Nana Komatsu?

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2. The right amount of drama

If you are familiar with the shoujo anime world you know that an overload of drama with everything all over the place is the norm.

With the basic festive fireworks and valentine’s day chocolates everything is reset to a happy ending. But Nana throws out all those things off the window.

This anime never shied away from making a mess but the right one. And also led the drama in the right direction giving the right emotions behind its dialogues.

Hachi’s relatability turned immaturity and Nana Osaki’s fight for survival turned passion both made a perfect blend.

The right blend according to a duo of friends. And their reaction to different situations. All these things are something missing from other shoujo shows.

The fixation of one character on the other and being their ride or die despite the toxicity makes it predictable and not realistic. Whereas Nana’s worldbuilding does justice to real-life drama.

3. Breathtaking Music

The credits for this factor go all to the amazing team of musicians of Nana. Thanks to that we feel for the anime the way we do!

From the Black Stones to Trapnest every track matches the vibe of the characters. And not to mention the detailing done with the choice of right singers for the characters.

The anime does justice to the musical aspect of the story without any exaggeration. The music from Nana falls into place perfectly like Nobu and Hachi should have been? Or I would say how Hachi and Nana’s imperfect but perfect friendship.

4. A place to belong

At first, Nana (anime) seemed like just another show that I would be watching for the sake of it. But after completing it the realization of how much it draws parallels to real-life set in.

And that led me to also follow up on the manga as there was no news about another season.

An anime that at the first impression which seems like nothing but an overdramatic bunch makes you wanting for more without your realization.

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5. Little moments in Nana that made me a fan

At Takumi’s first appearance one couldn’t think much of him than just a side character that Hachi was found drooling over. But the subtle way the spotlight of the anime drifted from Nobuo to Takumi while still keeping Hachi the focus was something to admire!

Another thing about the anime that really disappoints people is Hachi choosing Takumi over Nobuo. This rubbed off everyone watching or reading the manga in the wrong way. As we know who made a better pair. It did for me too until I heard Hachi’a reason to choose him. As an average viewer one might think Nobuo outweighs Takumi in every sense. From the love and care to the true happiness that Hachi experiences when with him she should’ve chosen him right? Umm yes but no.

When Hachi states her reason to choose Takumi it all makes sense. She states that when the news of her pregnancy broke everyone seemed to be in complete shock. And just drifted away from her, instead of being next to her and consoling her. And here Takumi came in for the win. He stayed with her during the time when she needed people the most and understood her. This made her prioritize him more and this detail was something that every fan misses out on. In our bid to ship our favorite character, we forget to read in between the lines.


Nana may not have the best Animation like recent Anime. But the story and its character are more than enough to make an everlasting impression on you and make you fall in love with it



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