Beastars Filler List

Are you looking for a guide to avoid Beastars Fillers? You are at the right place. Beastars has 0% filler episodes that can be skipped! It has over 24 episodes of which 0 episodes are reported as fillers. Check out our Beastars Anime filler list guide with episode names. Thank me later! 😄

📺 Synopsis (Summary For Beginners) :The story takes place in a world of modern, civilized, anthropomorphic animals with a cultural divide between the carnivores and herbivores.

1. List of Filler & Canon Episodes

🗒️ List of all Canon Episodes :


🗒️ List of all Filler Episodes (can be skipped) :

The Anime has no filler episodes

2. Complete Filler List with Episode Names

1The Moon and the BeastCanon
2The Academy’s Top DogsCanon
3A Wolf is BornCanon
4Give it Your AllCanon
5Two Sides to the StoryCanon
6Blurred Vision - Dream or Reality?Canon
7Below the Fur CoatCanon
8Caught like Floss in a Canine's TeethCanon
9Into the Lion's DenCanon
10A Wolf in Sheep's ClothingCanon
11To the Neon DistrictCanon
12In the Storm's WakeCanon
13A Teen's Never-Ending AlarmCanon
14The Gray Police Hound RunsCanon
17Call it Like it isCanon
18Fly, O Corrupt OneCanon
19Unforgettable SweetnessCanon
20Laughing at the Shadows We CastCanon
21A Busted Electric FanCanon
22The Chef's SuspenseCanon
23Scatter Your ScalesCanon
24A Revolutionary FeastCanon

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3. Platforms to watch Beastars Online

  • Netflix
  • Crunchyroll
  • Funimation
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    5. How much Time Will It Take To Watch Beastars series?

    It will take approximately take 9.6 hours (576 minutes) to complete Beastars.

    6. Common questions about Beastars episodes & fillers

    1) Is Beastars Over?

    Beastars in Ongoing Anime and fans are expecting that there might be season 3 soon.

    2) Is it worth watching Beastars?

    Beastars is unique Anime and totally new story. At start it might feel weird for some people but as the story progresses you will end up liking the Anime.

    7. Review of Beastars

    beastars filler list with episodes name

    Beastars successfully manages to take animals and turn them into personas that we can all relate.

    According to the food chain Carnivores Animals are on top compared to Herbivores. And no matter what Herbivores do,they can never match up the strength of Carnivores.

    However, what if there was civilised society for Animals, would Carnivores and Herbivores be able to live peacefully? The Anime represents a story of a beast who tries to be who he is but faces against his personal demons in an flawed world.

    The story is very unique and unpredictable psychological drama filled with powerful cliffhangers. Beastars is not like other Shonen Anime and it is way too brutal and dark.

    Despite having CGI the Animation looks great. Orange studio is one the few studios which can work well with CGI.

    Overall the Anime is really great. If you want to experience something different with great storytelling you should surely consider to watch this masterpiece.



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