Boruto Filler List

Are you looking for a guide to avoid Boruto Fillers? You are in the right place. Boruto has 13% Filler Episodes that can be skipped! It has over 223 episodes out of which 29 episodes are reported as fillers.

Around 70% are either fillers or Anime Canon. Check out our Boruto Filler List Guide below. Thank me later! 😄

Boruto has many episodes which are considered as Anime Canon. Anime canon contains arcs that didn’t occur in Manga but it is considered as Canon.

📺 Synopsis (Summary For Beginners) : Boruto is son of the strongest Hokage Uzumaki Naruto. Boruto Anime is the follow-up anime to the events of Naruto. It showcases the differences between the new generation from the old generation.

1. List of Filler & Canon Episodes

🗒️ List of all Canon Episodes :

1-15, 18-32, 34-39, 51, 53-59, 61-66, 93-95, 98-103, 106-112, 120-138, 141-151, 154, 157-223

🗒️ List of all Filler Episodes (can be skipped) :

16-17, 40-41, 48-50, 67-69, 96-97, 104-105, 112-119, 138-140, 152-154, 156

2. Complete Filler List with Episode Names

1Boruto Uzumaki!Mostly Canon
2The Hokage's Son!Mostly Canon
3Metal Lee Goes Wild!Mostly Canon
4A Ninjutsu Battle of the Sexes!Mostly Canon
5The Mysterious Transfer Student!Mostly Canon
6The Final Lesson!Mostly Canon
7Love and Potato Chips!Mostly Canon
8The Dream's RevelationMostly Canon
9Proof of OneselfMostly Canon
10The Ghost Incident: The Investigation Begins!Mostly Canon
11The Shadow of the MastermindMostly Canon
12Boruto and MitsukiMostly Canon
13The Demon Beast Appears!Mostly Canon
14The Path That Boruto Can SeeMostly Canon
15A New PathMostly Canon
16Crisis: The Threat of Failing!Filler
17Run, Sarada!Filler
18A Day in the Life of the Uzumaki FamilyMostly Filler
19Sarada UchihaCanon
20The Boy With the SharinganCanon
21Sasuke and SaradaCanon
22Connected FeelingsCanon
23Bonds Come in All ShapesCanon
24Boruto and SaradaMostly Canon
25The Turbulent Field TripMostly Canon
26The Mizukage's SuccessorMostly Canon
27A Shinobi Bout of FriendshipMostly Canon
28Declaration of WarMostly Canon
29The New Seven Ninja Swordsmen!Mostly Canon
30The Sharingan vs. the Lightning Blade, Kiba the Fang!Mostly Canon
31Boruto and KaguraMostly Canon
32The Quest for SouvenirsMostly Canon
33The Super Beast Scroll Slump!Mostly Canon
34The Night of the Shooting StarsMostly Canon
35The Parent Teacher Conference!Mostly Canon
36The Graduation Exam Begins!Mostly Canon
37A Shinobi's ResolveMostly Canon
38Formation of the Three-Man Squad?Mostly Canon
39The Path Lit by the Full MoonCanon
40Team 7: The First Mission!Filler
41Strength in UnityFiller
42A Ninja's JobMostly Canon
43The Byakuya Gang Surfaces!Mostly Canon
44Shikadai’s DoubtsMostly Canon
45Memories From the Day of SnowMostly Canon
46Go! The Crest of Night StrategyMostly Canon
47The Figure I Want To BeMostly Canon
48The Genin Documentary!Filler
49Wasabi and NamidaFiller
50The Chunin Exams: The Recommendation MeetingFiller
51Boruto's BirthdayMostly Canon
52Sasuke's ShadowMostly Canon
53Himawari's BirthdayCanon
54Sasuke and BorutoCanon
55The Scientific Ninja ToolCanon
56Rivals, Gather!Canon
57The Reason I Can't LoseCanon
58The Tournament Begins!Canon
59Boruto vs. ShikadaiCanon
60The Hidden Leaf vs. the Hidden SandCanon
61The Iron Sand User: ShinkiCanon
62The Otsutsuki InvasionCanon
63Sasuke's Secret WeaponCanon
64Rescuing Naruto!Canon
65Father and ChildCanon
66My Story!Canon
67Super Cho-Cho Butterfly Mode!Filler
68Super Cho-Cho Kiss Mode!Filler
69Super Cho-Cho Love Upheaval!Filler
70The Other Side of AnxietyMostly Canon
71The Hardest Rock in the WorldMostly Canon
72Mitsuki’s WillMostly Canon
73The Other Side of the MoonMostly Canon
74The Enemy, Ino-Shika-Cho!Mostly Canon
75The Trials of Ryuchi CaveMostly Canon
76Incurring WrathMostly Canon
77A Fierce Enemy: Garaga’s Ferocious Attack!Mostly Canon
78Everyone’s MotivesMostly Canon
79Reunion With MitsukiMostly Canon
80Mitsuki’s FriendMostly Canon
81Boruto's WishMostly Canon
82Infiltrating the Hidden Stone VillageMostly Canon
83Ohnoki’s JusticeMostly Canon
84Ohnoki's Thoughts, Ku's ThoughtsMostly Canon
85The Heart StoneMostly Canon
86Kozuchi's WillMostly Canon
87The Sensation of LivingMostly Canon
88Clash: Kokuyou!Mostly Canon
89A Piercing HeartMostly Canon
90Mitsuki and SekieiMostly Canon
91Ohnoki's WillMostly Canon
92A New OrdinaryMostly Canon
93Family DayMostly Filler
94A Heaping Helping! The Eating Contest!Mostly Filler
95Tactics for Getting Along With Your DaughterMostly Filler
96Blood, Sweat and NamidaFiller
97Shikadai's DecisionFiller
98The Cursed ForestMostly Canon
99Jugo and the Curse MarkMostly Canon
100The Predestined PathMostly Canon
101Jugo’s ReinforcementsMostly Canon
102Melee!Mostly Canon
103Migration SeasonMostly Canon
104The Little RoommateFiller
105A Wound on the HeartFiller
106The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The S-Rank Mission!Mostly Filler
107The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Dog and Cat War!Mostly Filler
108The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Haunted Inn!Mostly Filler
109The Steam Ninja Scrolls: Potato Chips and the Giant Boulder!Mostly Filler
110The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Resurrection Hot Springs!Mostly Filler
111The Steam Ninja Scrolls: Mirai's King!Mostly Filler
112The Chunin Selection ConferenceFiller
113The Qualities of a CaptainFiller
114X Cards Proxy War!Filler
115Team 25Filler
116Konohamaru and RemonFiller
117Remon’s SecretFiller
118Something That Steals MemoriesFiller
119Konohamaru’s Ninja WayFiller
120With Sasuke as the GoalMostly Canon
121The Entrusted Mission: Protect the One Tails!Mostly Canon
122The Puppet Battle!Mostly Canon
123Urashiki ReturnsMostly Canon
124Decision TimeMostly Canon
125Boruto and ShinkiMostly Canon
126Shukaku's TrickMostly Canon
127Make-Out TacticsMostly Filler
128Urashiki’s TargetMostly Canon
129The Village Hidden in the LeavesMostly Canon
130Genin, Assemble!Mostly Canon
131The Power of the Nine TailsMostly Canon
132Jiraiya's AssignmentMostly Canon
133A Village Without SasukeMostly Canon
134The Power To See the FutureMostly Canon
135The Last Battle, UrashikiMostly Canon
136Crossing Time!Mostly Canon
137The Samurai Exchange StudentMostly Canon
138Hiashi's BirthdayFiller
139The Terror! Enko OnikumaFiller
140The Mind Transfer Jutsu That Lost to Potato ChipsFiller
141The Shinobi Prison: Hozuki CastleMostly Canon
142A Test of WillpowerMostly Canon
143The Criminal Targeting KokuriMostly Canon
144Kokuri's SecretMostly Canon
145Breaking Out of Hozuki CastleMostly Canon
146Executing the Prison Break!Mostly Canon
147The Fateful Moonlit BattleMostly Canon
148A New Mission!!Canon
150The Value of a Hidden AceCanon
151Boruto and TentoCanon
152Developing One's Medical NinjutsuFiller
153Harmony in GoldFiller
154Himawari's Ninja Trial SessionFiller
155Mitsuki's Rainy DayMostly Canon
156I Can't Stay in My Slim FormFiller
157Kara's FootprintsMostly Canon
158The Man Who DisappearedMostly Canon
159The Hashirama CellMostly Canon
160To the Land of SilenceMostly Canon
161The Castle of NightmaresMostly Canon
162Escaping the Tightening NetMostly Canon
163The PursuersMostly Canon
164The Forbidden Jutsu of DeathMostly Canon
165The Quadruplets' DutyMostly Canon
166Death MatchMostly Canon
167Their DecisionMostly Canon
168Training Begins!Mostly Canon
169A Joint Mission With the SandMostly Canon
170A New RasenganMostly Canon
171The Results of TrainingMostly Canon
172A Signature of FearMostly Canon
173The Secret Behind the Underground RoomMostly Canon
174The Revival of the Divine TreeMostly Canon
175Beyond the Limits!Mostly Canon
176Blockade the A-Un Gate!Mostly Canon
177The Iron Wall's Sensing SystemMostly Canon
178Our Fathers' ExampleMostly Canon
179Victor's SchemeMostly Canon
180The Assassin, MuginoMostly Canon
181The VesselCanon
183The HandCanon
186How You Use ItCanon
190EscapeMostly Canon
191Stray DogMostly Canon
192The PastMostly Filler
194The Uzumaki HouseholdCanon
195A VaseCanon
196A Binding ForceCanon
200Becoming a StudentCanon
201Empty TearsCanon
202The CultCanon
203Suprise Attack!Canon
204He's Bad NewsCanon
206The New Team SevenCanon
208Momoshiki's ManifestationCanon
209The OutcastMostly Canon
210Clues to KaraMostly Canon
211The ChaseMostly Canon
212Amado's DefectionCanon
213True IdentityCanon
214Predestined FateCanon
220Remaining TimeCanon
221Chunin Exam, AgainMostly Canon
222Eve of the Decisive BattleMostly Canon
223Inojin VS HoukiMostly Canon

3. Platforms to watch Boruto Online

Boruto is available on the following online streaming websites:

  1. Crunchyroll
  2. Hulu
  3. Netflix
  4. Viz Media

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4. Chronological order of Boruto Series

You need to first finish Naruto to completely understand the series. Here is the list of Naruto Chronological Order.

After watching Naruto you should check out either the Boruto movie or start the show directly

  • Boruto: Naruto the Movie – The Day Naruto Became Hokage
  • Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

If you want to skip a few episodes then I would recommend watching Boruto: Naruto the Movie 

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5. Common questions about Boruto episodes & fillers

1) Are Boruto Fillers Actually Canon?

Fillers are usually not canon but it is different in the case of Boruto. Most of the Anime Fillers are canon in Boruto. The Anime killed off some important characters too. In our list, we have included such episodes as Canon too

2) Is Boruto worth watching?

Yes. Anime Canon can get a bit boring because of slow pacing. But if you liked Naruto Anime then you will surely enjoy Manga Canon episodes.

3) Where to watch Boruto Anime in English Dub?

You can watch Boruto Anime in Dub from platforms like Funimation and Anime Lab

4) Why does Boruto Anime has so many fillers?

Since Boruto Manga is monthly and there are fewer chapters to adopt. Boruto Anime makes Anime Canon which are events that do not occur in Manga but are still considered as Canon. Anime adaption does this so that they do not catch up with the manga.

5) Will there be a Boruto Shippuden?

As of now, there is no news regarding that. According to the speculations, there would be a sequel of Boruto but the Name would be different and won’t contain the word ‘Shippuden’. Fans are predicting that it would be called Boruto: Raiden”.



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