Top 10 Best Anime Openings Songs of 2021

In this blog, we made a list of the Best Anime Openings of 2021. Music is the soul of any show. And so the same applies to Anime.

Generally, Anime top their game with good animation. But a great anime comprises some breathtaking music scores.

Music scores for obvious follow the list as a piece of art since they form the emotions we feel while watching the anime.

And over time these openings become a sense of nostalgia that we look back to and cherish.

Here’s our pick for best Anime openings 2021:

10. Colour Perfume – Yoh Kamiyama (Horimiya)

Top 10 best Anime Openings of 2021 Horimiya

I’ll be honest the song first wasn’t something I was fond of but it grew on me. I think most of the fans could relate to that.

Since after a while the opening reminds you of the nostalgia you get from watching the anime.

Catchy and pleasant the opening is exactly as the name is a color perfume.

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9. Vivid Vice – Who-Ya Extended (Jujutsu Kaisen Op 2)

Top 10 best Anime Openings of 2021 Jujustu Kaisen

Starting with some rock Music one doesn’t expect much but as the Song continues it quickly transitions into something remarkable.

The opening does complete justice to the Anime and its imagery nothing less could have been done for the Anime!

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8. Cindrella – Cidergirl (Komi-san Can’t Communicate)

Top 10 best Anime Openings of 2021 Komi San Can't Communicate

Starting off a bit quirky and expected the opening to quickly transition into something addictive.

The chorus really gets you nodding your head on the beats. It’s a pretty long Song for an Anime like Komi-san but it fits every second of it perfectly.

Also, the electric guitar tunes in the middle are a vibe!

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7. Stone Ocean – Ichigo (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6)

Top 10 best Anime Opening of 2021

Jojo has the best Anime Openings songs Animation for sure.

After being forever in love with End of the world, Stone Ocean is another jam to reenact in your room.

With those punch vocals, one can sure as well have a whole concert getting their feelings out.

The Anime opening does complete justice to the Name.

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6. Everybody! Everybody! – Yuu Serizawa ft. DJ Koo & Motsu (How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Season 2)

Top 10 Best Anime Opening songs of 2021

Techno beats with DJ KOO & Motsu the song is a classic hit for anime fans.

The opening has everything it needs to make you dance from the very second you hear it.

I could only imagine the nostalgia of revisiting the Song and Dancing your heart out.

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5. Pleasure – WARP’s UP (Fruits Basket: The Final)

Best Anime Opening of 2021

Hontoni, every Weeb should be grateful for this opening to exist. The final really brought in the good stuff and Pleasure is proof.

Mixed with soothing vocals and harmonies in the background you are going to fall in love with it despite the fact if you ever watched Fruits Basket.

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4. Blizzard – Burnout Syndromes (Those Snow White Notes)

Best Anime Opening of 2021

Burnout Syndromes showed us how it is possible to mix Electric Guitar and traditional Instruments together and make a perfect Song.

From the Flute blows in the middle to the vocals everything is arranged so well that you would be hooked!

Although the Anime focuses on a shamisen the opening takes you in awe with the flute.

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3. Everblue – Omoinotake (Blue Period)

Best Anime Opening of 2021

The Anime opening starts off a bit generic but quickly has you tapping your feet. As cool as the name Everblue sounds so does the song.

The opening not only does the right blend of the vocal arrangement but also plays the perfect keyboard sync.

The opening is jazzy and funky at the same time a hard-to-achieve concept in the Music World!

2. Pink Blood – Hikaru Utada (To Your Eternity)

Best Anime Opening of 2021

The vocalizing at the beginning of the Anime opening seems something only you would expect from an Anime like To Your Eternity.

But the Song soon becomes something else to look for with the fast-paced beats and background vocalizing.

Pink Blood is everything your eternity stands for.

1. Cry Baby – Offical Hige Dandism (Tokyo Revengers)

Best Anime Opening of 2021

As the punch line of the opening begins you are not in awe as that’s expected of a street fight show like Tokyo Revengers.

According to me, it is one of the best Anime Openings of 2021 and it has got millions of views on Youtube and many other platforms

But what’s difficult is making a normal Person jam to the same in Japanese and that is very well handled by Hige Dandism.

The song begins as a punch develops into one of the best bridges I’ve heard in a while and then drops like a kick. And it is Classic.



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