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Top 10 Slice of Life Anime to binge right away

Slice-of-life anime watchers are not in the majority but thanks to anime such as fruits basket, nichijou, etc they have become a popular genre. The genre simply makes one shed their comfort zone and cry buckets of tears.

Fruits basket in particular is a comfort anime for many. In a slice of anime online the action, it holds onto how much depth the character has.

And keeping that in mind this list will give you all the feels, laughs and home to watch when feeling not so good 🙂

Disclaimer: This list consists of a mediocre popular Slice of Life Anime.

10. Barakamon

Boring in the beginning the anime grows on you an unknown way. If you are a city person who loves the countryside you are going to love Barakamon.

As for someone who is into the hassle of city lights it won’t be much. The anime has a not-so-relatable protagonist but with some oh-so-great development.

It is a treat to watch the kids goof around while a city boy complains. And eventually joins them in. If you are curious about Japan’s countryside go for it.

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9. Nodame Cantabile

Looking for a slice-of-life anime, music, and rom-com in one? Got you covered! Nodame Cantabile does just that.

The anime is a must for any rom-com anime lover and equally for slice-of-life and music anime watchers.

It juggles between following your career and romantic life. And how in the midst of all that one derives conclusion foolishly sometimes.

Packed in with great humor, relationship advice, and classical music Nodame Cantabile is a win-win from all three genres.

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8. kino’s travel

A perfect score of 10 is the only rating this anime deserves. The anime is a combo of 12 short stories.

It takes one on a journey across several places that have stories to tell all unique to themselves.

These stories are all somehow linked and the anime succeeds in giving you a feeling of going on a journey while you sit at home!

7. Natsume’s Book of Friends

In search for something similar to Mushishi? then this could be your next watch. The anime follows the story of a fifteen-year-old boy who can see spirits.

And the rest is a wholesome story that you can’t get off without binging. Each episode will unravel a different story with a sense of feeling attached to them.

The anime falls under two genres- Slice of life anime and supernatural. So dive in expecting something unnatural never heard of or seen before.

6. xxxHOLiC

Another supernatural, slice of life, and comedy to leave everything for! Yes, you read that right supernatural and comedy together.

As a weeb, you can’t agree more that anime is the only place a combination can be taken on with absolute perfection. And if you are worried about the art being sloppy then you are wrong.

The artwork of xxxHOLiC can easily be considered as the topmost unique art style in anime. The anime is a treat every day possible.

Similar to Natsume (from Natsume’s book of friends) the protagonist here (Watanuki) can also see spirits and is something he dislikes.

If you have watched Natsume’s Book of Freinds and Mushishi then go for xxxHOLiC without any hesitation!

5. Honey and Clover

The perfect slice of life anime with a group of friends. The group of friends is at a stage of their life where they need to figure life out as an adult. The result? An anime sorting out the most complex life situations in an aesthetic manner with relatable characters.

The anime focuses on how the group of friends maintains their friendship as they grow, learn and experience. Honey and cloves are must watch if you loved anime like Kids on the Slope and Iroduku the World in Colors.

4. Skip Beat

One sentence- it’s not what you think. Personally, I came across this anime as a rom-com recommendation. But it wasn’t much of one. The character development is so crazy that I couldn’t bother anymore that it isn’t really rom-com.

The anime features an air-headed protagonist who learns about life and career unknowingly. The result? A great comedy anime mixed with great life lessons. The protagonist Kyoko is one of the most relatable characters in anime. So if looking for an anime with a female lead living her life while learning adulthood then this is the one.

3. The Pet girl of Sakuraso

Cats, enthusiastic side characters, a comedy that knows no bounds are not all that make this anime. Despite being a slice of life anime the anime has characters with depth who each have a dream to accomplish.

The anime tackles subjects of talent and hard work in a kawaii manner. So that the subject being something heavy still doesn’t make one invest a lot of feelings and you can enjoy the show instead of just analyzing. Cute colors, cute characters, and real-life situations sum up The Pet Girl of Sakuraso.

2. Hyouka

Nothing that you expect this anime brings you. The anime has a pairing of a smart protagonist (Oreki) and a talkative girl(Chitanda). Chitanda is good at getting info and being curious about certain mysteries.

On the other hand, Oreki is lazy but great at solving those mysteries. What happens? Chintanda forces Oreki to figure out those mysteries by her curiosity. She is so curious that Oreki gives up to help her figure out the problems.

Hyouka is a treat if you are into slow-paced yet informative and smart things.

1. Bakuman

The protagonist of Bakuman is someone the majority of people can relate to. And this is what puts this anime at the top of this list. Mashiro a student dreams of becoming a mangaka but drops his dream due to some reasons.

But life has other plans as he meets someone who encourages him to not give up. Sounds predictable? Not really. The anime has more in store for someone who loves design and artwork or appreciation for the manga field.

The hard work, talent comedy, great animation, and music make Bakuman a win for any SOL.

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