Top 10 underrated Rom-Com Anime that you should watch

If you are living in the animeverse you couldn’t have passed without getting a recommendation of Rom-Com.

And whoever, for whatever reason, suggests someone rom-com only wants the better for society. This is a fact.

Since rom-com Anime are the epitome of comedy and romance in such a perfect blend that you cannot get enough. And so this romcom list consists of Anime you may have heard but mostly the mediocre and underrated ones.

Since you can find the popular stuff right at the search bar this list has the good stuff you wouldn’t get anywhere else. 😉

10. Servant x Service

Servant X Service Top 10 most underrated rom com Anime

Based in a work setting Servant x Service is a light-hearted rom-com. The Anime focuses on adult life and the hardships in daily life.

The protagonist Hasebe is an irritating coworker to Lucy. These two are connected to each other in a not so romantic manner.

Although they have no clue about their weird connection. In Lucy’s search for a very simple quest, we find the ultimate balance of rom-com.

Go for this Anime if you are looking for something light-hearted

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9. Gekkan Shoujo – Nozaki-kun

Gekkan Shoujo - Nozaki-k Top 10 most underrated Anime

What does a rom-com Anime consist of? school life setting a group of side characters, probably a tsundere main lead?

And the most important is the ending episode with a festival where everyone goes to see the fireworks and the characters finally confess.

But Gekkan Shoujo Nojazki-Kun does all of these things with a twist. To mention anything more than this would be a spoiler.

Also, be ready to laugh your brains out on this one.

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8. Arakawa Under the Bridge

Arakawa Under the Bridge Top 10 most Underrated Anime

How fancy can it be to date a rich man? Well pretty much if you move with him in his house. But what if the opposite happened.

A rich guy has to adjust in mediocre situations throwing away his arrogance. And that’s the plot for Arakawa Under the Bridge.

The anime takes you on a roll and even tho the plot is predictable the anime will keep you hooked. Great Music and Animation are a bonus to this Anime.

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7. I can’t understand what my Husband is saying

I can't understand what my Husband is saying top 10 most underrated rom-com Anime

If you love watching Otakus finding a love life then this is your anime. Although both the protagonists aren’t Otakus the husband is.

The anime is a light-hearted take on how they both juggle their relationship.

Similar to Love is hard for an Otaku the couple share a real connection that is more than being an Otaku or a workaholic.

If looking for something light-hearted and based in an adult work setting this Anime is a perfect choice.

6. Love is like a Cocktail

Love is like a cocktail top 10 most underrated rom com Anime

The perfect combo of an adult couple. In the 21st century, nothing could be more realistic than the couple here.

Chisato is an Alcohol addict and loves to try out new things and have fun. Sora her husband is in fact a bartender. Isn’t that a match made in heaven? Definitely is.

The anime goes on to explore how vulnerable a person is with their partners. Love is like a Cocktail is Cutesy animation and comedy that makes you blush and laugh at the same time.

5. Taisho Otome fairy tale

Taisho Otome fairy tale Top 10 Most underrated rom-com Anime

In search of first love and broken hearts being fixed? Taisho Otome’s fairy tale focuses on the same but in a very light-hearted manner.

The character designs are also in a simple and elegant manner. If looking for a warm and slice-of-life Anime in addition to rom-com this is a perfect choice.

4. His and Her circumstances

His and her circumstances Top 10 most underrated romcom Anime

The Anime is based on a popular shoujo manga and that can explain the good feels you would be getting.

As the name suggests His and Her circumstances provide a real-life glimpse of how it is to be with each other.

And that it isn’t always as simple as it seems. In reality, couples have to go through hardships that determine if they are really meant for each other.

If in search of high school but realistic touch romance, comedy then this is the one.

3. Special A

Special A Top 10 Most underrated rom com Anime

A popular yet hidden 2000s rom-com Anime that does everything in perfection. From music to character development the Anime is an all-rounder.

If you are a 2000s anime style fan then the anime should be a must-watch. The comedy is top-notch not leaving the viewer any space to breathe.

2. My Senpai is annoying

My Senpai is annoying top 10 most underrated Rom-Com Anime

My Senpai Is Annoying Anime is a romance story between two unlikely co-workers. The story is simple and straightforward but still entertaining which can cure your bad day at work.

The show is way too wholesome with a steady pace and lovable characters that will make you addicted to the show.

1. Tsuki ga Kirei

Tsuki ga Kirei top 10 underrated Rom-Com Anime

Many people often feel that love in Anime series is often exaggerated and it is not something that actually happens in real life.

Tsukigakirei is different from all the other shows because it shows the realism and something which we all can relate. The story has many heartwarming moments and fluid Animation.

The Anime shows two middle school students who are in love for the first time and struggle to maintain their relationship.



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