Top 3 most interesting characters in anime ever

The Anime community is not short on anything. From plot to music everything is well crafted and so are the characters but some interesting Anime characters stand out from the others and make a different following for them. The so-called interesting characters mentioned on this list will be some of the most complex and realistic characters.

On what basis are the characters chosen?

Interesting characters are the ones with the most complex yet realistic nature. A shonen mc can be energetic, charming, and enthusiastic but not a deep or interesting character. To make an interesting character is to make almost human one. Making a character like that is easy in real-life movies and shows, but drawing and giving life to drawing with some emotions is a skill, and characters with those emotions embedded in them are rare.

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Here are the 3 most interesting Anime characters ever written :

3. Light Yagami

Light Yagami from death note

Adding Light Yagami to the list of most interesting anime characters might not be a rare sight but there are plenty of more reasons as to why he is here. It is no secret that Light is one of the most intelligent characters ever made but his planning of being far ahead of L makes few love him. Light was one of the few characters that stayed at the top of his game no matter what the situation and almost every time outsmarted everyone in the room. He qualifies as an interesting character as he was way ahead of his league and nobody could really comprehend his moves.

The character of Light gives it a lot of advantages of plot armor but at the same time does not overdo it and balances out his character of being human. A human who gets trapped in the game of power and God complex.

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2. Gasai Yuno

Yuno Gasai from Future diary

One might think that is not an interesting character rather just an obsessive one. But that is shunned down pretty soon in the anime. Gasai takes the lead perfectly and stays at the top of her game from the very first minute. She is somewhat of a rare character that carefully blended in with obsessive psychopathic behavior and smartness. She is by far the most interesting character in Future Diary thanks to her unpredictability and skills. This character does a good job in making one stay at a 50-50 edge of hating or loving her. She does best what she does i.e. protecting the one person she loves.

1. Johan Libert from Monster

Johan Libert from Monster (anime)

Nothing in anime has ever compared to such a dark series like Monster with so much care and depth engraved into it. Johan crosses the limits of being more than just an interesting character. It is an extraordinary character. In a normal instance, a realistic dark horror series most has an evil dude who does the bad stuff according to her/his liking and for no particular reason. The same stands for Johan but with a twist.

Johan has been crated with a lot of care and it shows. The character stays unpredictable until the end unlike other dark evil-minded characters, Johan forces the viewer to go past right and wrong, black and white but a broader perspective that not everything can fall into 2 categories and is much more than that.

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The characters on this list are based on their unpredictability and perfect blend for what was needed in the anime. Nevertheless declaring one interesting character would have different layers to it and unpredictability and questioning your beliefs is what these characters are best at.

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