Wotakoi Love is Hard for an Otaku: The perfect Anime for weebs

The world is in short of rom-com shows but not anime. Wotakoi: Love is hard for an otaku narrates the story of every weeb. Divided between what we can have and what we have. Without overdoing the cliches and keeping it neat the anime sets some realistic expectations.

Romcom anime in general is nothing but a fill of the school festival, fireworks in the last episode, and some valentine’s day chocolate. But we finally have our hands on an adult version of anime rom-com that sits with us perfectly.

1) The Anime does not include highschoolers but Adults

Almost every anime that one could come across throws in the high school life experience. And so does Wotakoi. However, it changes course giving us a guide of adult life the obstacles, and what we get.

The protagonist is more relatable than ever! With their desire to find someone who understands their mildish but still an obsession with anime and manga. And one of the main things does not certify them as degenerate and run away!

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2) Character Analysis

1) Narumi (Naru)

Narumi Momose (naru) from wotakoi

Narumi Momose as the main lead checklists all the characteristics of being a rom-com female lead. Chirpy, headstrong, comical, and with an innocent charm to her. With the basic characteristics her best stands at wanting to hide her otakuness from the people she socializes.

This is a basic trait between frequent anime watchers who try to hide their interests. Otakus or weebs in Japan are not people with a good reputation according to Japanese tradition.

They are labeled as weird. As a result, hiding what interests you seem like the best option. Although the anime is based in Japan & the stereotypes are of otakus are different in Japan.

The same can be applied otherwise. People with anime profile pictures are called adults who watch cartoons making them uncool. On analysis, Naru’s character is the most relatable to anyone who watches anime or is involved in otaku culture.

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2) Hirotaka Nifuji (Naru’s childhood friend) –

Hirotaka Nifuji from love is hard for an otaku

Hirotaka’s character is not someone everyone can easily relate to. However, we tend to see the quiet kid in class who is in their own world a lot. And Hirotaka plays the role of an introvert really well.

He is not afraid to hide his interests but does not flash them either. He is a relatable character for introverts and is not made dramatic with some weird hidden interests of his.

As a character he is aware that people are not fond of otakus but doesn’t seem to be bothered by their opinions.

Both the main leads give us the representation of 2 types of people who watch anime One who is ashamed to let everyone see that they watch ‘cartoons’ (as referred by non-anime watchers). And the other who couldn’t care less about what anyone perceives of them.

3) Storyline

love is hard for an otaku

Fortunately, the storyline in Wotakoi love is hard for an otaku stays focused with a necessary and realistic plot instead of drifting away and making it scene out of a 70s Hollywood romance.

A normal deal in a romance anime is finding the right one in school. We all know that isn’t the case for adults who are being pressured to get into family life. In the case of Japanese adults, the focus stays on finding just a partner who could be a good companion.

Otaku’s isn’t a favorable word in Japan. And given that the anime portrays the situation instead of covering it. Alright, enough of that and let’s break down the storyline.

The anime never throws or rubs it in your face that hey, now that they are dating after being so unlucky in love they straightaway get married or something? The anime takes it slow and steady. And as we know wins our hearts.

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4) Conclusion

the couples from Wotakoi ni Koi Wa Muzukashii

Wotakoi: Love is hard for an otaku is for anyone who is tired of the drama. If you are looking for something fresh this could be your own comfort place.



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