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Your lie in April Filler List

Looking for Your lie in April Filler list? You are at the right place. Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso aka Your lie in April has 0 filler episodes.

Although the series has 18% mostly filler episodes but it still contains some canon part in it. Rest 82% are manga canon episodes

The Anime has over 22 episodes aired from 2014 to 2015.  Check out our detailed Your lie in April Anime Guide below. Thank me later! 😄

📺 Synopsis (Summary For Beginners) : Kōsei Arima, a Piano prodigy had become famous after winning many piano competition. However, after his mother’s death he could no longer play the piano. Two years later, Kōsei meets a girl named Kaori Miyazono, who helps him return to the world of music again.

1. List of Filler & Canon Episodes

🗒️ List of all Canon Episodes:


🗒️ List of all Filler Episodes (can be skipped) :

This Anime has no filler episodes

2. Complete Filler List with Episode Names

1Monotone/ColorfulMostly Filler
2Friend AMostly Filler
3Inside SpringCanon
4The JourneyCanon
5Gray SkiesCanon
6On the Way HomeCanon
7The Shadows WhisperCanon
8Let it RingCanon
10The Scenery I Shared With YouCanon
11Light of LifeCanon
12Twinkle Little StarMostly Filler
13Love's SorrowCanon
16Two of a KindCanon
18Hearts Come TogetherCanon
19Goodbye, HeroCanon
20Hand in HandCanon
22Spring WindMostly Filler

3. Platforms to watch Your lie in April Online

  1. Crunchyroll
  2. Netflix

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4. Chronological watch order of Your lie in April

  1. Episodes 1-22
  2. Moments OVA

5. How much time will it take to complete the Anime?

It will take approximately 8hrs to complete Your lie in April Anime which has 22 episodes. The Anime has also OVA which is 23 min long along with that it would be 8hrs 23 mins.

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6. Common questions about Your lie in April

1. Is Your lie in April over ?

Yes. Your lie in April finished its serialization in the March 2015. Spring Wind was the last episode of the Anime.

2. Is there Season 2 for Your lie in April

There won’t be any season 2 for the Anime. According to the author most of the plot has already been set. And the story is completed.

3. Is there a Your Lie In April movie?

There is one live Action movie of Your lie in April which was aired in 2016 and it follows same story as the Anime.

4. Should I watch Your lie in April movie?

Both the Anime and Movie follows same source material that is Manga and both have different direction and approach.
The story is same but the songs are different in both. The movie is good and watchable unlike other live action movie.
Although Anime has more depth and story. You can consider watching it after completing the Anime.

5. Where can I watch Your lie in April movie?

The movie is available on Netflix.

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7. Conclusion

Your lie in April is definitely good rom-com Anime which will surely make your eyes wet. I hope our guide helped you learn more about the Anime.

There are no episodes in the Anime which you should skip all of them are important for story progression

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